Hindi Love Shayari-Shahar Mein Mahmaan

उनके शहर में आये थे हम महमान बनकर

सोचा ना था फासले हो जायेंगे कम इस कदर   

देखते हैं जब वो नशीली आँखों से एक नज़र  

कत्ल हो जाता है दिल का उस पहर |

Unke shahar mei aye the ham mehmaan bankar

Socha na tha fasle ho jayenge kam is kadar

Dekhte hain jab wo nashili ankho se ek nazar

Katl ho jata hai dil ka us pahar.

English Translation:

I had arrived in her city as a guest

I had never though that distance between both of us would become so less

Whenever she glances at me with her intoxicating eyes

My heart gets murdered at the same very moment.



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