Love Shayari for Girlfriend in Hindi-Tum Meri Zameen


तुम मेरी ज़मीन तुम मेरा आस्मां
तुम्हारे बिना मेरा सूना जहाँ
आजाओ मुझे मिल जाओ
मैं ढूँढूँ तुमको यहाँ वहां|

-अनुष्का सूरी


Tum meri zameen tum mera asamaan
Tumhare bina mera suna jahaan
Aajao mujhe mil jao
Main dhundhu tumko yahan wahan.

-Anushka Suri

English Translation:

You are my land, you are my sky
Without you, my world is lonely
Come, please meet me
I search for you here and there

-Anushka Suri

About anushkasuri

Writer, Marketer, Singer, Motivator, Educator, Poet, Blogger, Author, Editor, Researcher who is following her passion in life.
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