Hindi shayari for him- Ek roz

तुझको एक रोज़ न मैंने अपना माना 

गुज़र गया वो गुज़रा हुआ ज़माना  

दर्दे दिल बुरा है अब तेरी जुदाई में जाना 

जबसे तूने मुझे कर दिया बेगाना 

-अनुष्का सूरी 

How to read:

Tujhko ek roz na maine apna mana

Guzar gaya wo guzra hua zamana 

Darde dil bura hai ab teri judai mein Jana 

Jab se tune mujhe kar diya begana 

-Anushka Suri

English translation:

I had not considered you mine once upon a time 

That time has passed by now

Today I feel the pain of our separation 

Since you behave like strangers with me 

About anushkasuri

Writer, Marketer, Singer, Motivator, Educator, Poet, Blogger, Author, Editor, Researcher who is following her passion in life.
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2 Responses to Hindi shayari for him- Ek roz

  1. Kumar Sonal says:

    Wooaah !!! 👍👏👏👏


  2. devendra says:

    hi very nice love shayari


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