Sad Hindi Shayari- Ratein Tanha Akeli

रातें मेरी तनहा अकेली, दिन उजले

बातें मेरी कुछ को पहेली, कुछ समझें 

यूं तो सारा जहाँ मेरे क़दमों के जैसे, हो तले 

पर राहें बातें फिर भी अकेली, चलती रहें 

-अनुष्का सूरी 

How to read:

Ratei meri tanha akeli, din ujle 

Batei meri kuch ko paheli, kuch samjhei 

Yu to sara jaha mere kadmo ke jaise, ho taley 

Par rahei batei phir bhi akeli, chalti rahei

– Anushka Suri 

English translation:

My nights are lonely in comparison to days that are much brighter

My talks are puzzles for many while some understand them 

Though it seems that I have conquered the entire world 

But I still lead a single life without a companion 

-Anushka Suri

About anushkasuri

Writer, Marketer, Singer, Motivator, Educator, Poet, Blogger, Author, Editor, Researcher who is following her passion in life.
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3 Responses to Sad Hindi Shayari- Ratein Tanha Akeli

  1. Rishabh mishra says:

    really impressed with the way you have made convenient for your followers to read.
    also look at mine poem too ….u will find it interesting.


  2. Kumar Sonal says:

    Awesome it is …


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