Hindi Shayari on Broken Heart – Tere Baare Mein

तेरे बारे में सोचना, एक शौक था मेरा
वो भी तेरे इंकार ने मुझसे छीन लिया
तेरे इस कदर ठुकराने पर
हंसु या रो दूँ, समझ नहीं पाता

-अनुष्का सूरी

Tere baare mein sochna, ek shauk tha mera

Wo bhi tere inkaar ne mujhse cheen liya

Tere is kadar thukrane par

Hansu ya ro du, samajh nahi paata

-Anushka Suri

English Translation:

To think about you fondly was a hobby I was passionate about

Your rejection debarred me from even enjoying that

I wonder that as a reaction to your rejection of my love in such a style

Should I laugh or cry, it is tough to choose one

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