Heartbroken Poetry – Pehle Phir Bhi

पहले फिर भी उम्मीद थी तेरे मिलने की
एक इज़हार और दूजा तेरे इन्कार ने
पूरी तस्वीर बदल दी
अब न दिल में कोई ख़ुशी है
न चेहरे पे वो रौनक है
ऐसा लगता है
किसी ने रूह को उधेड़ दिया हो

-अनुष्का सूरी

Pehle phir bhi ummeed thi tere milne ki

Ek izhaar aur duja tere inkaar ne

Puri tasveer badal di 

Ab na dil mein koi khushi hai

Na chehre pe wo raunak hai

Aisa lagta hai

Kisi ne ruh ko udhed diya ho

-Anushka Suri

English translation:

Earlier I still had hopes of winning you

My confession along with your rejection

Changed the entire scenario

I do not have any happiness within

Neither there is a glow on my face

It feels as if

Someone has unstitched my soul

P.S. Copying this content without giving full credit to the author is strictly prohibited. 

About anushkasuri

Writer, Marketer, Singer, Motivator, Educator, Poet, Blogger, Author, Editor, Researcher who is following her passion in life.
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